"Stockport Metro...the club I considered best for me" Steve Parry, Olympic Bronze medallist 


Stockport Metro's vision is to provide swimmers with the optimum environment and the right opportunities at each stage of their development to enable them to achieve excellence. We will continue to strive for gold medal success through the provision of seamless pathways from early skill development to the Olympic podium.

Stockport Metro swimmers will be:

  • encouraged to fulfil their potential as an athlete and to develop their personal and life skills;
  • taught to appreciate the philosophy which embraces the virtues characteristic of all great athletes;
  • encouraged to see that hard work and honest endeavour achieve success;
  • brought to understand the value of supporting their team, and the value of support from their team;
  • constantly challenged;
  • taught to win with humility and lose with resolve, and to embrace the commitment to always do their personal best.




The Coaching Programme

The role of the coaching programme is to develop the training and competition programmes, and to coach the swimmers on a day to day basis, based on the Long Term Athlete Development methodology adapted and endorsed by British Swimming and incorporating the latest developments in technique and training methods. Coaches are also responsible for team selection and support for swimmers at relevant meets, the education of coaches, swimmers and parents, and the associated development and administration of the programme.

The Club’s Role

The Club’s role is to support the coaching programme, and to assist with matters including membership, records, competition entries, transport, accommodation, social events, publicity, fundraising, sponsorship, merchandising, policy formulation and welfare.

The Management Committee

The management of the Club is the responsibility of the Management Committee whose members are elected annually at the Club AGM. This means that Stockport Metro is run by volunteers – ordinary members who donate their time and expertise free of charge – in conjunction with the Club coaching staff and Stockport Sports Trust.

The Management Committee consists of the Life Members, the Chief Coach of the Stockport Sports Trust Swimming Coaching Scheme, two further representatives of the Stockport Sports Trust, and ten members of Stockport Metro Swimming Club. The ten members are proposed, seconded and elected by ballot at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee meets once a month.

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Why Wolfpack?

Stockport Metro Wolfpack is far more than just a swimming club, it's a family steeped in World and Olympic sporting success. There's something in the water gives us the unique ability to nurture sporting and lifestyle success. We exist further than our national, european and world champions, the wolfpack brings people together to fight for that dream in life, however big or small...

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