On the fourth day of the Championships, Stockport Metro’s competitors were:
200m Butterfly: Harrsion Brown, Megan Sheard, Georgia Mullany
50m Breaststroke: Daniel New, Simon Smith
100m Backstroke: Ciaran Beard-Jones
400m Freestyle: Joseph Deighan, Ben Foster
100m Freeestyle: Alisha Hawkins

Over the course of the morning, personal bests were recorded by; Harrison Brown (02:21.12) and Megan Sheard (02:26.07) in 200m Butterfly, Daniel New (31.60) and Simon Smith (29.62) in 50m Breaststroke, Ciaran Beard-Jones (56.88) in 100m Backstroke, Joseph Deighan (04:30.96) and Benjamin Foster (04:28.01) in 400m Freestyle, and Alisha Hawkins (01:00.12) in 100m Freestyle. Georgia Mullany swam in the 200 Butterfly in a time of 02:29.22.

A personal best time of 02:17.80, was recorded by Harrison Brown who touched in 5th place. Megan Sheard took Silver in the 200m Butterfly in personal best time of 02:21.62. Daniel New took Bronze in the 50m Breaststroke in a personal best time of 31.32. Simon Smith equalled his performance in the heats to get Gold in the 50m Breaststroke in a time of 29.62. Ciaran Beard-Jones held his title for the second year running achieving a Gold medal in the 100m Backstroke final in a time of 57.32. A personal best time of 04:27.96, was recorded by Benjamin Foster who touching in 10th place. Our last final of the evening was Alisha Hawkins who took Silver in the 100m Freestyle with a time of 59.20.

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Stockport Metro Wolfpack is far more than just a swimming club, it's a family steeped in World and Olympic sporting success. There's something in the water gives us the unique ability to nurture sporting and lifestyle success. We exist further than our national, european and world champions, the wolfpack brings people together to fight for that dream in life, however big or small...

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