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Please can you email any withdrawals to  or text 0770 785 2017

Entries have now closed. A copy of the draft programme, and accepted entries by club are linked below.
If you are a licensed official, and are available to officiate at the meet, please contact Jackie Beard-Jones: 

We are pleased to present to you our November Meet details. Now in its 25th year, our short Course Meet is growing in quality, and we hope to make this year’s event the most successful ever, with fast swimming and a superb atmosphere.

November Meet 2017

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Why Wolfpack?

Stockport Metro Wolfpack is far more than just a swimming club, it's a family steeped in World and Olympic sporting success. There's something in the water gives us the unique ability to nurture sporting and lifestyle success. We exist further than our national, european and world champions, the wolfpack brings people together to fight for that dream in life, however big or small...

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