Synchro combo cup 2018

Synchro combo cup 2018, London Aquatics

The wonderful venue hosted this year’s Combo cup on 7th July 2018.  With 34 teams entered from around the country it was a busy and exciting National competition.

In the first event we had Stockport Metro’s 15 & Under team.  The team had been working hard on the routine for several months and recently had been practising their pre pool and competition warm up meaning that they were mentally well prepared for the challenge on the day.  Gabriella Jackson, Emma Walker, Annie Lu, Marisa Whitehurst, Siena Oxby, Alice Foster, Amelia Bamber, Floella Dixon and Evie Stringer swam a wonderful routine to music from toy story and scored well in artistic impression, execution and technical difficulty.  The girls(all under 12’s) placed 6th in the country out of 15 teams with an impressive swim.  Alice and Emma kept their nerve and showed magnificent lifts to the delight of the audience and combined with a great solo from Gabby, duet from Gabby & Annie and trio from Gabby, Annie & Emma the team scored 50.44.  For a couple of the girls, Flo & Evie it was their first ever competition but all smiled throughout!

Later in the day our 13-18 team competed with music from Great Gatsby.  Again, our girls were quite young in this age group but had worked hard in the run up to the competition and made us all proud on the day.  As part of the combination routine the girls showed team elements as well as solo and duet parts.  Eva Lawrence, Lia Harrison, Hannah Bates, Jasmine Jones, Evie Walker, Grace Lu, Chiara Pozzoni, Emily Jackson, Katherine Whelehan and Martha Stringer were all calm before their swim and performed a great routine with amazing lifts including partner lifts and a lovely solo from Evie followed by great duets from Jasmine & Evie and Hannah & Eva.  The girls also finished in 6th place out of 9 teams with a score of 55.00 scoring well in artistic impression, technical difficulty and execution.

Synchro Nationals 2017

The weekend of the 25th-26th November every age group from the Stockport Metro Wolfpack was represented at National Age Groups in Gloucester.

Full Report can be found here

2017-2018 Calendar

A calendar of events for the remainder of 2017 can be found here

Amazing performance at Synchro NAG's 2015

The weekend of 4th - 6th December was a massive success for the Synchro wolfpack at National Age Groups in Gloucester! 

12u combo

Day 1 of the competition was the recreational teams competition.  Stockport Metro had 2 different age groups entered, our 12 and unders in their first major competition(Millie Hall, Grace Lu, Emily McCormack, Ruby Parry, Olivia Proctor, Chiara Pozzoni) and our 19 and unders (Emily Hirst, Millie Quinn, Charlotte McDowell, Roisin Mooney, Alex Taylor, Holly Thompson, Melika Rahimishad), more seasoned competitors!  Our 12 and under girls performed fabulously to Kung Fu Panda with a lovely solo perfomance from Chiara and duet from Chiara and Olivia.  The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves and placed 16th.


Later on in the day our 19 and unders perfomed to The Great Gatsby soundtrack.  The crowd were in for a very pleasurable performace with solo's from Roisin and duets from Roisin & Charlotte and Alex & Holly  along with great lifts from Holly & Millie.  The girls placed 9th out of 23 routines!


Day 2 of the competition started with figures for the 13/14/15 age group.  Out of 101 competitors we had some great placing's, Sophie Freeman who was awarded a bronze medal, Ashley Pearson 13th,  Victoria Hartley 25th, Eleanor Monks 29th, Rachael Mellor 37th, Lucy Elliott 46th, Kate Urwin 58th and melika Rahimishad 73rd.  Next up were the 12 and unders who were competing in figures for the first time at this level,  The girls kept calm and perfomed their best placing Evie Walker 73rd, Jasmine Jones 84th, Clara Harrison 98th, Lia Harding 111 and Elise Almond 121st.  Last up were our 15/16/17/18 girls, Fiona Currie 27th, Olivia Monks 33rd, Megan Crew Meaney 39th, Clidna Bailey Doyle 57th and Niamh Hanly 69th.

sophie blue

After qualifying for her solo Sophie swam her routine to Adele's Turning Tables and had a brilliant reaction from the crowd placing her 3rd!  Sophie collected both of her bronze medals the same day to the pride of coaches, team mates and parents alike.

Day 3 saw our 3 13/14/15 duets perfom.  First up from Stockport Metro were Rachael Mellor and Kate Urwin who perfomed a beautifully synchronised routine, placing 16th, followed by a really fun 'vogue' duet from Victoria Hartley and Lucy Elliott swimming to Madonna, placing 13th.  The last Stockport Metro duet to swim was Ashley Pearson and Sophie Freeman's which with their beautiful swim to spanish themed music placed them easily in 2nd place.  In the 15-18 category Olivia Monks and Fiona Currie's swam a very complex routine and placed 8th.

12u comp

Next up were the competitive teams.  Our 12 and under Egyptian themed team(Lia, Jasmine, Evie , Clara , Elise) made the audience smile as they really gave it their all, 13th place in their first National competition!  Next were our 13/14/15 team (Sophie, Ashley , Victoria , Lucy , Kate , Rachael and Eleanor) who swam to music from all different countries placing them 3rd, another Bronze medal for Stockport Metro!  Lastly our 15/16/17/18 team of 4, Megan , Niamh, Clidna and Olivia  finished the day for us with a really great perfomance, placing 8th.

Thanks go to Lynda Pozzoni and Anglea Mellor for volunteering their time at the competition and to the great support from parents in the crowd!

Synchro Scottish Nationals Success 2015

What an amazing competition in Glasgow at Scottish Synchro Nationals over the weekend of 24th & 25th October!

Day 1 was the figure competition where we had 16 girls competing in total.  Evie Walker and Jasmine Jones travelled to Glasgow to improve their competition experience and for the first time competed in a National competition in 12 and under figures.  They placed 31st and 54th respectively out of 61 taking part.  In the 13/14/15 age group Stockport Metro did exceptionally well with Sophie Freeman ranking 1st out of 68 swimmers followed closely by the other team members, Eleanor Monks 7th, Ashley Pearson 9th, Victoria Hartley 11th, Kate Urwin 19th, Lucy Elliott 22nd, Rachael Mellor 26th and Hannah Bates 41st meaning that they were going into the team event the following day in 1st place.  Competing in Junior(15/16/17/18) figures were Megan Crew Meaney 11th, Olivia Monks 12th, Roisin Mooney 14th, Robyn Neale 18th, Niamh Hanly 23rd and Charlotte McDowell 29th.  Althouth our combined figure scores were the highest of the teams competing, due to only having 6 swimmers we unfortunately had to take a 1 point penalty moving us into the team event the following day in 2nd position.

We had 4 swimmers qualify to swim their solo's.  Sophie Freeman gave an amazing performance to Adele's Turning Tables, placing her 9.9 marks ahead when solo and figure scores were combined.  Ashley's performance to California Dreaming was beautiful and her graceful swim moved her up to 5th position with Eleanor placing 6th after her with a lovely swim.  Olivia then represented Stockport Metro in the Junior solo's and after a powerful performance moved up the rankings to 7th position.

The next event was duets where again we all qualified to swim.  Ashley Pearson and Sophie Freeman who always swim beautifully together really did give us a great show with their spanish themed duet and placed 1st, a clear 5 marks ahead.  They scored the highest on execution, artistic impression and difficulty.  Lucy Elliott and Victoria Hartley swam to Madonna and  showed us some great vogue moves gaining high artistic impression scores and placing in 5th position.  Kate Urwin and Rachael Mellor gave a lovely perfomance and placed 10th to J'ysuis jamais alle and La Valse d'Amelie.

Day 2 was the team events.  First up was our 13/14/15 team with Sophie, Ashley, Lucy, Victoria, Eleanor, Rachael, Kate and Hannah perfoming to music from around the world, showing different styles for each piece of music.  The team had a collective score of 58.7 for figures and 59.9 for routine which when combined meant they won by 1.7 marks, receiving their gold medals later that day!  The 15/16/17/18 team with Megan, Roisin, Niamh, Robyn, Olivia and Charlotte were determined to win and worked really hard on walk throughs and in the warm up.  Unfortunately they just missed out and placed 2nd but the swim and lifts featuring Megan were amazing.

A happy pack travelled home later on Sunday evening with their medals. 

Well done to all the girls and a special thanks to the team manager volunteers and to Nikki and Angela for officiating!

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